We are magicians without tricks

"Controlling complexity is the essence of programming” - Brian Kernigan

We are a web development team capable of providing comprehensive solutions adapted to our clients´ requirements.

Our job is to make everything run smoothly, to transform thousands of lines of code into functionality, because we are aware that, when talking about programming, if you can imagine it you can do it.

What do you have in mind?


- IOS, Android and WP applications

Featured projects.

FOX | National Geographic | TV Show Websites

Mars | International Website

Web development over Wordpress platform, with multi-country plugin. Tailor-made developed for 33 different countries in their respective languages (including right-to-left writing).

Integration and uploading of news, videos and virtual reality games.


- Wordpress
- Multi-language project

FOX | Wayward Pines | TV Show Website

App development through Phone GAP with versions for Windows 8, Windows Phone, Android and IPhone.  With proprietary API + CMS to deliver contents to mobile Apps.

FOX | Brain Games | Facebook App

Web App development through LAMP and Zend Framework technologies.

TEKA | Website 2017

Teka Responsive & Backend Website 2017

Web App development into ASP.NET using Umbraco 7 CMS. Two interconnected applications, one serving as an API and the other generating public content in the form of a website.


- Umbraco 7
- SQL Server database
- HTML5/CSS3 + Responsive Design + Javascript

Sostenibilidad.com / Activesustainability.com

Sostenibilidad para todos/Sustainability for all

Sostenibilidad.com / activesustainability.com is a web development assignment for ACCIONA conceptualized and implemented by Evoluciona: understanding and arranging of site information flow and information architecture, wireframe analysis and development, Look & Feel art direction and design, optimization of graphical resources and UX/UI responsive design.


- Layout and development through Umbraco 7 + ASP.NET C# + Javascript + HTML5/CSS3 Responsive Design
- Responsive UX/UI
- Creative direction
- Art direction | Web design

BBVA | Crowfounding


BBVA Suma Web development, a digital platform for emergency donations and humanitarian initiatives. It was the pioneering crowdfunding application promoted by a bank in Spain.

BBVA Friends & Family allows to make a gift to a beloved someone or to share expenses with friends in a party or celebration.


- Proprietary CMS
- Zend Framework + MySQL development

Our Mission.

To make our clients reach success by providing our expertise, strategy, creativity and innovation to their digital projects.

We areexperts.