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At Evoluciona we work with both a creative and technical mentality with a focus on interactive communication. We provide complete solutions: concept, design, development and metrics/analysis. We know that what we are discovering today will change tomorrow, so we never stop researching and innovating.

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Quién conduce un Smart (Who drives a Smart)


Banking and Finance
We strategically combine technology, design and content. Our goal is to help our customer's businesses through an efficient use of digital communications with their consumers.
  • 1996
    One of the first interactive agencies in Spain.

  • 2005
    Cofounded BuyVIP, international online private sales company (now Amazon).

  • 2006
    MSN maintenance, Spain's main portal.

  • 2007
    Community Management pioneers.

  • 2008
    We created many of the first Facebook Apps in Spain.

  • 2010
    Most viral Facebook App in Spain: "Árbol de Navidad" (Xmas tree).

  • 2011
    We help BBVA to create the first Crowdfunding platforms in Spain.

  • 2012
    Development and launching of some of the first Windows 8 Apps.

  • 2013
    Exclusive Microsoft Advertising agency

  • 2014
    Strategic partner in Microsoft Interactive Content Experience


We assist our clients in developing online projects. We get involved and work hard, adding value to:

  • Digital strategy
  • Web development
  • Marketing in social platforms
  • Mobile apps development
  • Interface design
  • Corporate identity
  • Project management
  • Content management


You have to sit at the board and carefully think about the chips to design a strategy which is both strong and focused on results. Analyze, analyze and analyze: from the beginning to end of the project. How do we know we will be successful? Because we look with perspective, thanks to 16 years of experience in the online world, working with leading companies in Spain.

If you want to evolve, you have to write the future.


The best digital expression takes advantage of the new communication opportunities enabled by new technologies. We continually explore and naturally integrate the technological language in our creative process.

We take an exquisite care for the pixel.


the creative technology

The most appropriate technology for each need helps create the best solution. We are passionate about challenges and we make sure the technology works as expected.

  • HTML5 We believe the core of the new web and it's standards are the way to provide the best user experience across different devices.
  • TOUCH User interaction is changing: we now capture finger gestures, arms and head movements.
  • SOCIAL API's Today, users are content generators too. They publish, share, tag, vote... All these is done through the integration of diverse APIs and social Apps.
  • THE CLOUD Cloud infrastructure optimizes resources based on each project's needs (scalability and flexibility) and reduces the chances of failures (increased availability).
  • SECURITY We develop applications that are usable and attractive, but they must be safe too. That's why our methodologies, protocols and best practices are focused on minimizing security risks on our developments.
We enjoy technology. Can you see that?

Project management

A well-built project requires a foreman on site: a master of coordination who manages the times, deliveries, team and budget to reach the goal with a stopwatch in his hand. This helps our customers and ourselves to be all happy.

Planning and management are healthy practices.


Editorial and Social

What you say does matter. Wording has a prominent role in communication. We create or adapt all kind of content: news, articles, presentations or interviews. We manage blogs and social networks profiles. As a result you get a complete service, published and managed.

Who said people don't read on the Internet?

Work samples

Banking and Finance
Media and News
Food and Beverages
Information Technology
Energy, water and infrastructures
NGOs and Charities


  • MSN
  • BBVA
  • Microsoft
  • rtve
  • Acciona
  • Ron Barceló
  • Aldeas Infantiles SOS
  • Manterol
  • Microsoft Advertising
  • Universidad Complutense de Madrid
  • Banco Popular
  • Danone
  • Malibu
  • El Corte Inglés
  • BuyVip
  • FOX
  • Vinos de Familia - García Carrión
  • National Geographic
  • Johnson & Johnson
  • BBVA Bancomer
  • AMP


Avenida del Partenón, 10
(Campo de las Naciones)
28042 Madrid (Spain)

Phone: (+34) 91 319 71 44

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